We have recently added several videos and webcasts to our website. These videos cover Super Slide Springs, POSIES Driven Dirty Tour, POSIES Euroliner and Aeroliner, and Dynamat products.

– Click on the below screen shots to view the videos –

POSIES SuperSlide Springs

POSIES Driven Dirty Tour

POSIES Euroliner SEMA Debut

POSIES Aeroliner SEMA Debut

Benefits of Dynamat Products

2009 POSIES Open House

POSIES FlatCat RoadRace Vid

POSIES FlatOut ’32

Click on the Links below to listen to the webcasts.


Jonnie and POSIES Discuss Designs and Scott Killeen

Jonnie King Learns about The Extremeliner

POSIES and JK Discuss a Few Personal Rides

POSIES Talks Teamwork and Technology in Hot Rodding

POSIES History and Origins Interview with Jonnie King

POSIES Driven Dirty Tour Interview with Jonnie King