For close to 20 years POSIES has learned when it comes to making your hot rod ride like a luxury car, Dynamat does the job. Dynamat makes cars feel solid – doors and trunks shut without sounding like a tin can, rain and wind noise virtually disappear and your interior becomes a quiet, comfortable cruising environment. Use Dynamat Xtreme on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration and reduce road noise. Add thermo acoustic liners- such as Dynaliner or DynaPad to fight heat and low frequency hums from big engines and exhaust systems – and you’ve got the ultimate ride. Great for daily drivers, RVs and tow vehicles! Dynamat is the ultimate auto accessory.

Exclusive to POSIES are Cool and Quiet kits. These kits are pre-packaged, with the recommended quantity of Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner for your particuliar vehicle.

The Dynamat difference is explained by Chris Bennett at the NEC Classic car show in Birmingham, England.

Have you ever wondered the difference that Dynamat products can make to your restoration or classic car? We explain the sonic and thermal benefits of installing Dynamat first and Dynaliner second.

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Dynamat Xtreme (Bulk Pack)
Part Number: # 20455
Contents: (9) 18″ x 32″ Sheets
(36 sq. ft.)
Price: $230.95

Information Sheet
Stop Vibrating Sheet Metal & Road Noise!

Use Dynamat Xtreme and make a good street rod a great street rod. Dynamat Xtreme is effective at eliminating high frequency nosies. Dynamat should be used on any and all interior sheet metal of your vehicle. Xtreme decreases road noise so you don’t have to turn up the radio to hear the music while reducing fatigue making longer trips more tolerable. Use it on floors, firewalls, roofs, doors and trunk area for a quiet ride.

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Part Number:
# 11101, 11102, 11103
Contents: (1) 32″ x 54″ Sheet
Available Sizes: 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″
Price: $65.95, $79.95, $105.95

Dynamat Dynaliner

Information Sheet

For a Cool, Quiet Ride

The ALL NEW Dynaliner is the perfect ultra light weight insulator to use on top of Dynamat. This durable crush and tear resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material.
Dynaliner isn’t affected by oil and does not absorb water. Dynaliner provides acoustic isolation and excellent thermal insulation for roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors and even as a hoodliner.

NOTE: Maximum control when applied over Dynamat Xtreme.

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Part Number:
# 21100
Contents: (1) 32″ x 54″ x 3/8″ Sheet
Price: $150.95

Dynamat DynaPad

Information Sheet

For a Cool, Quiet Ride

DynaPad is a four-layer composite barrier that provides excellent acoustic attenuation and thermal insulation. This heavier material utilizes “Dissimilar Layer Insulating” technology that solves two of the most difficult automotive problems – exhaust system heat and low frequency noise.

NOTE: DynaPad is used primarily on the floor. Maximum control when applied over Dynamat Xtreme.

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Part Number:
# 21203, 21206, 21209, 21212
Contents: (1) 54″ x 3′, 6′, 9, 12′ Sheet
Price: $170.95, $340.95, $480.95, $570.95

Information Sheet

The Ultimate Floor Liner

This durable carpet replacement is made of high grade 3/8” waterproof liner utilizing a 1lb/sq.ft. vinyl barrier over a 1/4” high efficiency thermoacoustic foam. Has a durable deep twist embossed vinyl grain top facing.

Available Sizes: 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft & 25ft x 54” wide. Non-adhesive.

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Professional Heavy Duty Roller
Part Number:
# 10007
Contents: (1) 2″ wide roller
Price: $18.95

Heavy Duty Dynaroller

Professional tool for applying Dynamat products ensuring proper adhesion with professional-looking results. Hard wood handle and solid high grade rubber roller for years of service. Every employee at POSIES has one in their toolbox!

NOTE: Dynamat Xtreme is best applied using a heat gun to help the material become plyable. Once heat is applied you can use the roller to “push” the material onto the sheet metal. Expecially useful for corners and radius pieces.

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