1950 Chevy 1/2 Ton Truck Spring Installation

A customer stopped by with an original 1950 Chevy 1/2 ton pick up truck and had us install front and rear POSIES lowered SuperSlide springs. The 50 Chevy truck still runs the original 216 Inline 6 cylinder and the closed driveline. The tire sizes are 235/75/15 on the front and 255/70/15 on the rear.

The following pictures of the truck were taken as the truck drove into the shop and right after the spring installation.



We achieved a 2″ lower front ride height by using POSIES Dual Flex springs part #D441. The rear was lowered 3″ using POSIES SuperSlide springs part #440. We expect the suspension to settle further, lowering the truck’s ride height over the next 500 driven miles.