1928-48 Ford Transverse Rear Springs

Rear Springs

Rear Springs

Low Ford Super Slide Rear Springs

Great ride, great stance and traditional styling. Computer engineered to be low while still maintaining proper load capabilities. Just like our front springs, POSIES moly-nylon buttons between the leaves gives a friction free smooth ride.

29-31R ’28-31 Model A Rear Spring, 48 1/2″ Perch Centers
29-31R-C ’28-31 Model A Narrowed Rear Spring, 46 1/2″ Perch Centers
32-34R ’32-34 Compound Curve Rear Spring
AJ40NH 40′s Style Narrowed Rear Spring, 44″ Perch Centers
R36L ’35-36 Rear Spring, 46 1/2″ Perch Centers
R40L ’37-40 Rear Spring, 48 1/2″ Perch Centers
R46L ’42-48 Rear Spring, 47 1/2″ Perch Centers

Super Slide Adjustable Rear Hangers

Adujstable width ? Adjustable alignment ? Adjustable height
Exclusive design from POSIES. Now you can adjust rear end pinion angle without binding the spring simply by rotating the adjustable perch. Ride height can be fine tuned by changing holes and spring width and shackle angle can be adjusted by adding or removing spacers. Includes shackles.

8045A ’35-48 Adjustable Rear Hangers


Rear Hangers

Weld-on brackets with gussets. Includes shackles. # 8047 Model A hangers mount Model A style rear spring above axle housing. #8046 1932-34 Ford hangers are designed to be used with original or POSIES 32-34R compound curved springs which are mounted behind the axle. #8045 1932-48 Ford hangers are to be used with original Ford transverse rear springs, POSIES # R40L, R36L, AJ40NH or R46L. Instructions included.

8047 Model A Style Rear Spring Hangers
8046 ’32-34 Ford Rear Spring Hangers
8045 ’35-48 Ford Rear Spring Hangers


Rear Crossmembers for Transverse Springs

POSIES Model A Rear Crossmember is a replica patterned from a stock unit. Can be used with a stock spring or POSIES 29-31R/29-31R-C springs. Great for use in street rods with quick change rear ends. Crossmember measures 42-1/2″ wide and includes U-bolts. Can be used on any vehicle where this type of rear suspension is desired.

Transverse Rear Spring Crossmember is designed to be used with a ’40 style Ford rear spring. Tubular design incorporates spring mounting plate and upper shock mounts. Two widths available for different frames. Works great with POSIES Spring #R40L, R36L or AJ40NH depending on rear axle perch width.

8030 Model A Rear Crossmember
8031 Transverse Rear Crossmember
2030 U-Bolt Kit
2030B U-Bolts and Nuts Only

Rear Shock Kit & U-Bolt Plate

Rear Shock Kits

Lower bracket welds on rear axle.

8008U ’28-40 Rear Shock Kit
8009U ’42-48 Rear Shock Kit
Shock Kit Parts
1046 Pair of Rear Covered Shocks Only
8007 Pair, Lower Shock Studs
8001 4 Hole Lower Shock Mount
U-bolt Plate with Shock Mount (not pictured)
8012 3″ U-Bolt Plate