Digressive Working Piston Assembly

The piston head design allows independent tuning of the compression and rebound damping forces to provide optimum ride comfort and performance without compromise. It features fewer parts than most conventional twin tube and so called “adjustable” shock designs. This simple, yet exceptionally functional digressive design contributes to the extreme durability and long life of Bilstein Shock Absorbers

One Piece Aluminum Rod Guide
& Seal
Keeps dirt out and maintains
a nearly friction-free surface
for longer life.

Huge Self-Adjusting Digressive
Instantly reacts and adjusts for
any condition…smooth road,
rough road or no road.
Provides maximum vehicle
body motion control while
maintaining superior comfort.

Bilstein’s Industry Leading
Monotube Design
Provides superior tube strength
while maximizing heat
dissipation and shock life.

High Pressure Nitrogen Gas
& “Floating” Dividing Piston
Eliminates the possibility of oil
foaming and performance

As the piston moves, oil flows through independent passageways for rebound and compression. Valving discs stacked on both sides of the piston, vary in size and thickness. These discs deflect off their seat allowing oil to flow past the piston. As suspension speed increases, more discs in the stack come into play restricting the flow of oil through the piston, increasing the shock valving and slowing the suspension movement, eliminating the need for a manually adjustable shock.

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