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Dual Flex Springs

The Front Dual-Flex springs for 48-56 Ford F100 and 47-59 Chevy 1/2 ton trucks are AVAILABLE. The cost is $350.95 for the pair and they come with the bushings already pressed in the spring eyes and new shorter u-bolts

Dual Flex

Click on the below link for photos of various trucks with POSIES lowered leaf springs installed.
’55 – ’59 Chevy 1/2 Ton Truck
’53 – ’56 Ford & Mecury 1/2 Ton Truck

Ellipta Slide Spring Kit

Ellipta Slide Spring Kit

When the need arises for the use of a quarter elliptical spring, POSIES has you covered with the introduction of the POSIES’ Ellipta Slide Adjustable Height Spring Kit. The kit includes two rolled and tapered quarter elliptical springs, featuring the POSIES Super Slide buttons, two shackles, two stainless steel spring clamps, and two fully adjustable perches.

The kit can be used as either front or rear suspension. There is a light duty and heavy duty application spring. It can be installed conventionally north to south or east west which is facing out to the sides. They would be fastened in the center like transverse springs. Already used by Bobby Alloway, the kits retail for $339.95 part #QK1 (light application) or #QK2 (heavy application). Springs can be bought separately for $225.95 for the pair.

Ellipta Slide Spring Kit

28-34 Super Slide Rolled and Tapered Springs

Super Slide Rolled and Tapered Springs

Just like our standard Super Slide Spring, but with specially hand finished leaves with a stylish taper. Our rolled and tapered springs have hidden moly-nylon pads to eliminate friction. Along with the tapered leaves and a specially designed spring pack assembled with concealed 90′s technology, these springs will give your traditionally styled fenderless hot rod the ultimate ride. Visit this page for more information.